Self Care is something that we do for ourselves but ultimately the ripple effect impacts our relationships, our confidence and how we cope emotionally.  When we do not make self care a priority we easily default into overwhelm, become reactive and emotional and feel like we are powerless.  

Here’s the thing,  Self care is not just about bubble baths and trips to the day spa.  Self care is an act of self compassion.  It’s allowing ourselves to experience the compassion that we so freely give to others.  

Often when we become reactive and overwhelmed it is because we go into the story in our minds.  The inner critic and self confessed judge of all things has been let loose.  We get caught up in this self criticism and self judgement which gives rise to the inner fear of not being enough.  

The ultimate act of self compassion is realising that we are enough.  You are MORE THAN ENOUGH!  

Next time you feel yourself going into overwhelm, becoming reactive or feeling like you are powerless, ask yourself “what would I say to a friend or loved one who was experiencing this?”

Stop the inner critic in their tracks and offer yourself the same love and compassion you would to others.  

 When you feel balanced you give off a calming energy to those around you.  Through this act of self care you create a beautiful ripple effect.  

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