As humans we are wired for connection with others.  Throughout the ages we have lived as Tribes, Communities, Villages and Civilisations.  Many of our basic needs were met through our sense of belonging and our relationships with others.  

In todays digital age we are more connected than we ever have been but we have lost the security of our fellow clansmen or villagers.  Those interpersonal relationships have been replaced with chat rooms, forums and google searches to name but a few.  

Instead of seeking the sage advice of a trusted confidant in the village we can seek advice from every corner of the globe.  Whilst this is awesome and offers us an array of answers and possibilities it can easily put us into overwhelm.  We start to question our own judgement and loose sense of our personal values.  

We all make decisions 95% of the time based on a subconscious set of values and beliefs that we have picked up mostly in our childhood.  

Within the security of the village our beliefs and values would be very similar and most likely aligned with our fellow villagers.  This meant that any advice received from others would most likely be relatively aligned with our own values.  

With an international audience we are now exposed to individuals with very different values.  This is what can send us into a tailspin of self judgement, overwhelm, chaos and reactivity If we are unaware of our own subconscious values, boundaries and emotional triggers.  

On the flip side if we are aware of our values this digital age can offer us connection and information like never before.  

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