When anxiety and overwhelm take over, you can feel so powerless and feel like there’s little that you can do to control your mind and body. 

Although anxiety does have physical and mental effects on our body and, although you can’t just will it away, there are certain tools and steps that you can take to overcome and handle anxiety.

Lauren and I are 2 of the 12 authors who are contributing to the Anxiety Relief Handbook. In this episode, we delve into the tools that we use to handle and deal with anxiety and overwhelm at work. 

Anxiety is always present in our lives, to some degree. But the more you face anxiety instead of run from it, the more you grow both as a professional and an individual. 


  • Professional Anxiety (4:58)
  • Living up to standards (5:49)
  • Imposter syndrome (6:42)
  • We all have huge potentials (7:18)
  • Owning our authority and claiming our value (8:17)
  • Life is volatile (9:05)
  • Celebrating each step along the way (9:57)
  • Look at yourself from the lens of others (10:28)
  • Living our life through the lens of another (10:52)
  • Anxiety of speaking up and sharing your truth (13:48)
  • Identify the tipping point of overwhelm (15:35)
  • The survival brain (16:58)
  • Shaking off the stress (19:10)
  • Reframing anxiety and excitement (21:00)
  • Unspoken anxiety that nurses carry around with them (22:41)
  • Hierarchical system of healthcare (23:16)
  • Feel of getting into trouble (24:08)
  • Tools to handle anxiety (27:15)
  • Doing reflective practices to avoid anxiety (31:50)
  • Seeing both sides rather than only the negative side (33:37)


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After 30+ years as a registered nurse, and over 16 years as a holistic therapist, Lauren is pursuing her passion as a wellness and wealth coach, thought leader, consultant, speaker and author of upcoming book The Anxiety Relief Handbook

Lauren teaches caring professionals from around the world how to step up, stand out and be valued at the highest level in their field. 

She delivers high impact transformation that clears the inner blocks to self-caring, wealth and success to reveal the ‘on-fire’ enthusiasm and charisma that is within you, the key to skyrocketing your health and wealth to Live & Love Your Extraordinary Life