We’ve finally hit episode 50!

I’m beyond excited to celebrate this milestone and what better way to do so by having back on the show one of our regular guests, Michelle Powell. 

We recorded an episode a couple of months ago around body image which was very well received. However, it was such a big topic that we were not really able to get to the bottom of what body image can encompass. 

So today, we’re back to unpack concepts of the perfect body image that the media and everyone else bombard us with. From this, we’ll tackle how we should course through our body image issues.

We cannot emphasise enough that our bodies carry our stories. Whatever milestones we go through in life, our bodies are there to change, age and transform with us. 

You’ve got to be the change that you want to see in the world and it starts with embracing, loving and accepting your own work of art – which is your body.

Join me in this episode as Michelle shares valuable insights on body image, it’s portrayal in media, and why it’s crucial to stop comparing and start celebrating whatever body type you have. 

Stay tuned next March for season 2 of The Happy Nurse!


  • The portrayal of the perfect body image by the media  (4:52)
  • Seeking external validation (7:10)
  • Body image is not just a female issue (09:35)
  • Elaina and Michelle’s journey with body image (11:09)
  • Why cosmetic surgery should be backed by psychological assessment (17:40)
  • The taboo on women’s cycle (29:25)
  • How we feel about our bodies impacts our life (33:10)
  • Dealing with our insecurities (37:30)
  • Embrace your authenticity (39:24)



Michelle Powell is an internationally recognised Holistic Health Practitioner who specialises in Trauma Recovery. 

She has been a wellness professional since 2003, and has trained the rich and famous on the exclusive Hamilton Island.  

Michelle is also the author of 3 times Amazon best seller “The Mastery of Wellness”. 

Michelle takes people from their lowest to being genuinely happy with a strong focus on the totality of wellness.

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