There is a second pandemic currently occurring.  Burnout in our healthcare staff.  Many of us are beyond burnout and we are having to shift our focus from prevention, to burnout recovery.  

The environment that is pre disposing us to burnout and compassion fatigue is creating “moral injury.” 

Moral Injury is leading to nurses feeling undervalued, trapped, exhausted, unappreciated and lost in a very broken system.  

In this episode, I had the pleasure to chat with Janie Hoogesteger. She is a Registered Nurse with 

over 20 years of nursing experience. She believes that for the longest time, nurses have been focusing their energies on their patients and neglecting self-care.

Janine shares a holistic approach to self-care, her non-negotiable when it comes to self-care and how she helps heal the healers through her retreats.

TRIGGER warning – Suicide is discussed in this episode. 


  • Why do nurses experience a moral injury? (03:25)
  • The dangers of gaslighting nurses (05:52)
  • The negative effects of being resilient (09:00)
  • Janie’s non-negotiable in self-care (12:35)
  • The benefits of sleep in productivity (21:08)
  • Finding what works for you (24:32)
  • Indulgent self-care (26:15)
  • What inspires Janie to be the best version of herself? (31:27)
  • Trigger Warning: Janie discusses her flatmate’s suicide & how it changed her (31:59)
  • Janie’s motivation for creating retreats (37:00)


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Janie is a Registered Nurse with over 20 years of nursing experience in Emergency, Midwifery, Remote Nursing, Management, and Oncology. In the fast-paced, demanding nursing profession, the area she finds most important is making time for empathy and building relationships. 

The heart of nursing is about the comfort you bring to a person in their most vulnerable moments; and for so long, that energy has been focused on patients, though it recently struck her that the emerging stress, burnout, and exhaustion facing so many nurses around the world, has revealed the importance of healing the healers.

In a caring profession, predominantly serviced by empaths, the capacity for burnout has been present since the beginning of time. Throw in a pandemic and what we can see is nurses who feel they have no choice but to walk away from a profession they love, in order to manage and save their own exhausted bodies and mental health.

Janie wants to change this, she wants to give nurses a space to nourish their bodies, minds, and souls in an effort to heal, in an effort to nurse. She is passionate about being proactive in her approach to battling burnout and learning research-based stress reduction exercises.  She is currently working on developing a new business called RNR, a retreat-based business primarily focused on alleviating the accumulated physical signs of trauma and bringing restorative solutions to nurses, health professionals, and front-line workers.