There is a growing demand to create a space for psychological safety in the healthcare industry. It’s vital for producing a high-performance team. 

Healthcare professionals focus on the psychological safety of their patients. They look after patients to the best of their abilities and ensure that they’re set up for success. However, this safe space is often not offered to themselves or their colleagues. 

In this episode, I have another astounding conversation with Liam Caswell, a High Performance Nurse Coach. With 10 years of international healthcare experience, he aims to coach, educate, and transform the lives and careers of nurses.

In our conversation, Liam emphasised the importance of setting a space for psychological safety in the workplace. If the healthcare industry really wants to establish this, they’ll create an environment that stimulates self-awareness and self-compassion, so nurses can perform as their authentic selves.


  • Getting clear about your why in life (04:38)
  • Why we need to increase our tolerance for failure (12:11)
  • The benefits of establishing psychological safety in healthcare (18:45)
  • Why self-awareness and self-compassion matter (26:05)
  • Reframing burnout as something positive (31:52)
  • How to step into your authentic self (35:20)


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Liam has spent the last 10 years working as a registered nurse across Scotland, England, Fiji and Australia. He’s built his own nursing career from cleaner to senior healthcare educator/Manager.

Liam knows the ins and outs of the healthcare industry and most importantly how to optimise success as a healthcare professional.

However, he’s also learned that focusing on his career solely led to multiple episodes of burnout. He gained so much personal satisfaction by leveraging his learnings, skills, and knowledge to help healthcare professionals throughout the lifespan of their careers go from a state of surviving to thrive.

From an early age, Liam knew he wanted to serve others, thinking that he fulfils that need from a career in nursing. He gained his degree and climbed the nursing career ladder, investing in professional growth gaining two post-graduate masters in health management & international public health, Cert IV TAE, NLP Practitioners course, and attending numerous coaching courses. 

Liam’s career thus far has been an exciting mix of personal and professional development challenges which has led him to use his expertise to help you build your exciting and lucrative career.