In this episode, I chat with Nichola about the importance of sharing our stories with others.  

Nichola’s nursing career spans over three decades and has a depth of knowledge and experience.  She shares her wisdom about her career, reflective practice, and the importance of self-reflection.  

It’s time to share our stories about burnout, as this has the potential to assist others to recognise that they may be heading toward burnout and seek early intervention.  Burnout can be very isolating but knowing you are not alone and having the support of peers and community is a powerful aid to recovery.  


  • Nichola’s volunteering journey (05:30)
  • Her personal burnout experience (11:29)
  • The effects of compassion fatigue and burnout (16:40)
  • Her commitment to being well for life (19:55)
  • The Five Aspects of Self-Care (22:00)
  • The importance of having a support system (26:39)
  • The power of me too movement (31:33)
  • How journaling helped Nichola with her burnout (33:45)


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As a Registered Nurse, Nichola had a successful career in the UK between 1991 – 2004 working in Critical Care, Neurosciences, Traumatic and Acquired Brain Injury, Rehabilitation, Paediatrics, Cardiothoracics, and working in varied and diverse specialities in Public, and Private Hospitals. 

Since arriving in Australia in 2004 Nichola has worked within the WA Public, Private, and Community Health Services as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, Registered Nurse, Project Officer, Service Development Manager, and Quality & Governance Manager. 

She has had the privilege of working in both clinical, non-clinical, and corporate roles and teams coordinating many diverse Projects across Public Health, Ambulatory Care, Aged Care, Disability, Organ & Tissue Donation, Youth Mental Health with a focus on service and program development, products, quality, service review & improvement, innovation, systems, policy, audit, and accreditation.

Nichola is passionate about people, teamwork, health care standards, quality & continuous improvement, consumer-centered care, and strives for excellence in Nursing, Health, Community, and Social Care. 

Nichola’s current volunteering, consulting, and collaborative projects are with the Stroke Foundation, Community Mental Health Services, Nurse Burnout (founding members group) Services & Program review, Coaching and Mentoring the next generation into the workforce.

She’s dedicated to helping others identify their personal and professional goals through supportive and structured clinical supervision, professional development, education, coaching, and mentoring practices to help them reach their full potential.