Being mindful of the present is not an easy thing to do. We either get caught in the rabbit hole of the past, or we get too anxious about the future. 

While recovering from COVID, I had deep reflections about what was going on in my inner world. The isolation worked in my favour as it gave me enough time to ponder on being mindful.  

For this episode, you will hear my insights about how mindfulness can help us understand how we’re feeling. You will also be guided through a meditation practise that I regularly use in workshops and seminars. 

It’s a challenge to be at peace with stillness. We overlook the fact that being mindful allows us to fully live in the moment and eliminate the judgment we have on ourselves and others.

If you’re looking for ways to better understand your thoughts and emotions, be sure to listen to the episode.


  • What does mindfulness mean? (02:37)
  • The value of engaging in the present or flow state (04:05)
  • Three spheres of influence (06:23)
  • The benefits of being aware of our senses and emotions (06:58)
  • Why we should not listen to respond but listen to understand (09:15)
  • The dangers of being judgmental towards ourselves and others and how to deal with it (11:37)
  • Meditation practise (16:09)

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