You’ve come across the famous saying “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” But how often have you instinctively reacted to a triggering situation?

It takes work moving from past hurt and trauma. But by practicing self-awareness, you will be able to hold yourself true in those triggering moments. Being mindful of this, try to look at where the trigger comes from. By doing so, it gets easier to give yourself that self-compassion and understanding that comes from your own trauma. 

In this episode, Nerida shares with us how to harness what triggers us and use them as our personal development tool. 

You can’t control the situation but you can control how you react to the situation. These words are much easier said than done but can transform your life tremendously when you dedicate yourself to them.


  • It’s okay to make mistakes (4:06)
  • Following your own guidance (4:45)
  • Some days, self-care is about giving yourself a break (6:45)
  • The life that you want starts at home (12:47)
  • See the person in front of you as someone you care about (18:42)
  • Importance of holding space for someone you love (20:00)
  • Your life is your best personal development workshop (20:52)
  • Harness what triggers you as your personal development tool (21:23)
  • Be kind with yourself (22:15)
  • How our heart and mind receive and respond to information (23:19)
  • Rewiring the base of your subconscious mind (24:43)
  • What comes first, the story or the behavior? (25:31)

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