Stories and storytelling have been around for centuries since the birth of human language. Yet we can sometimes forget how powerful storytelling is as a communication tool. You can learn the most valuable lessons when you listen to others through storytelling. 

In this episode, we delve into how good storytelling can be used as an effective communication tool for healthcare professionals and a way to build rapport with your patients. Therapeutic storytelling serves a powerful purpose. Nurses are in a great position to encourage patients to share their stories which is an effective way to break down barriers in communication. 

To be a better storyteller you have to be a better listener. To be a better communicator, one must listen to learn, and not listen to reply. 


  • Sleep deprivation as a form of torture (4:58)
  • Restful sleep (5:28)
  • Diet as a form of self-care (6:18)
  • Good communication as nurses (12:45)
  • Storytelling as a nurse (13:18)
  • Storytelling as a way of making meaning from the situation (14:00)
  • Speaking about your experiences (15:36)
  • Sharing your stories (16:00)
  • Stories as a way to break down communication barriers (16:32)
  • Getting older people to share their stories (16:55)
  • Capturing stories while you can (17:45)
  • Encouraging people to share their rich stories (17:48)
  • Storytelling as a way to build rapport (17:55)
  • To be a better storyteller you have to be a better listener (18:36)
  • Holding space for others as a story listener (18:49)
  • Listen to learn. Don’t listen to reply. (19:22)
  • Advice to newly graduating nurses to communicating with patients (20:11)
  • Never stop learning (21:00)
  • Always ask for help (21:11)
  • Having the courage to be vulnerable (21:34)
  • Fear stops us from asking for help (22:43)
  • Speaking clearly. Keeping communication simple. (23:49)
  • Articulating your words and allowing for pauses. (24:40)


Lisa Evans is one of Australia’s leading Speaking and Business Storytelling Consultants. 

Lisa is the author of four books, a Certified Speaking and Storytelling Coach, a TEDx speaker coach, Accredited by the International Coaching Federation, Genos Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Sketchnote Artist and Graphic Facilitator.

She is one of fewer than 150 people in Australia to hold the designation of Certified Speaking Professional, and she has recently been verified by the E-speakers as a Certified Virtual Presenter.

Lisa helps leaders to mine, refine and deliver captivating ‘sticky’ stories for their business and brand. Whether it is the boardroom, ballroom, platform or podium she helps them craft compelling stories that are hard to forget.

As a way of giving back to the community, Lisa is the host and curator of a live storytelling charity event Stories From The Heart. The show has been consistently sold out since 2016 including sold out shows at Perth Fringe Festival with a five-star rating. 

Before her transformation, Lisa worked for 20 years as a midwife. A devastating illness meant leaving her career and finding a new calling; to bring life into the world in the form of stories. She is known by many as The Story Midwife.


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