Nurses have been in the frontline since the start of the pandemic. It is in our nature to give to others and put others first which is why burnout among nurses has seen a rise in numbers in the recent months.

In this episode, we are joined by Clinical Emergency Nurse turned entrepreneur, Athol Hann whose mission is to prevent burnout in the healthcare industry. He shares with us the app he created to help nurses and healthcare professionals enhance their well-being. 

Inspired by his own experience of burnout, Athol’s aim is for healthcare professionals to take better care of themselves so that they can show up as the best versions of themselves and give the best care to their patients. 

As nurses, we must remember to offer the same compassion that we so freely give our patients. 


  • Running away from burnout (4:40)
  • Having friends who look out for you (5:48)
  • Not addressing our stress can lead to burnout (5:55)
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (8:29)
  • Getting enough rest as part of self-care (9:42)
  • The importance of getting out in nature (11:5)
  • Spending time with your loved ones (15:00)
  • Self care is unique to everyone (15:19)
  • Financial responsibility of healthcare professionals (16:55)
  • Salary-tracking app features (18:00)
  • Nursing app for self-care (19:22)
  • Bringing the team together through the app (20:11)
  • Journaling (21:56)
  • Time-management for nurses (23:09)
  • Writing down our triggers (24:04)
  • Recognizing our patterns (24:39)
  • Fight, Flight, Flee response (25:48)
  • Recognizing overwhelm to avoid burnout (27:08)
  • Acknowledgment that it’s okay to feel low (28:40)
  • Getting inspiration from your colleagues (31:44)
  • Not being too hard on yourself (33:29)
  • Talking to a friend or loved one to help release stress (33:50)
  • The power of compassionate ears (34:10)
  • Fill your cup: Offer yourself that same compassion you offer your patients (35:36)
  • Mediation (36:45)


Athol is a critical care and emergency nurse, as well as the founder of Fwards; an app designed to assist healthcare workers to control the fundamentals of shift work and off-load from the demands of working in healthcare. With over 10 years experience in healthcare, Athol has experienced the highs and the lows of the profession. It was Athol’s own experience of burnout that has fuelled his passion for developing tools to assist health professionals to improve their lives mentally, financially and professionally. Athol has made it his mission to develop an intricate understanding of how individuals operate in high stress healthcare environments, and what measures are required to optimise staff performance and reduce burnout.

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