Being a nurse means learning to cope with stress. For many of us, it becomes easy to reach for a glass of wine (or two!) when we need to deal with or escape from the stress of caring and giving so much of ourselves to other people. We also have to deal with peer pressure and a society that somehow makes you feel like you’re less of a person if you stop drinking alcohol.

But, guess what? It’s okay if you don’t drink.

In this episode, bestselling author and health coach Rebecca Weller talks about her journey towards sobriety. She shares inspiring nuggets of wisdom about creating non-negotiable barriers for self care. The importance of taking a break. Overcoming the anxiety and fears associated with sobriety. Choosing the right people to surround yourself with. Strategies to build a better relationship with yourself, and how your journey back to finding yourself again changes before and after sobriety.


  • Introducing Rebecca Weller (02:36)
  • Non-negotiable self care practice: start slowly and no devices in the bedroom (04:55)
  • You take on the information and opinion you see on social media  (07:27)
  • Have media breaks even though it can be terrifying (08:10)
  • Indulgent self care: time (12:09)
  • Come back to yourself and sit in the quietness (14:12)
  • Self care is even more crucial when you are caring for someone else (14:55)
  • Why am I so afraid to slow down, take a break, and rest? (16:10)
  • Who or what inspires you to be the best version of yourself? (16:45)
  • Sobriety is like personal development on steroids (17:44)
  • “You become the average of the people you spend the most time with” (19:04)
  • “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future” (19:40)
  • Strategies to change your mindset towards alcohol (20:57)
  • Tips to develop self care (24:07)
  • The “Crowding Out” strategy to develop new habits (25:16)
  • Turn it into a game (26:39)
  • Rebuild self worth, self respect and self trust (27:09)
  • The slow process of learning more and seeing how it feels (28:33)
  • 2020 has made people think about self care and little addictions (30:12)
  • Self care is the journey back to yourself and who you really are (32:25)

Sexy Sobriety
Bex Weller

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Rebecca Weller is a Health & Life Coach, Author and Speaker. Named ‘one of Perth’s leading Healthpreneurs’ by The Sunday Times Magazine, Rebecca helps women from around the world to get their sparkle back and create a life they love. Creator of, she leads one-on-one and group coaching programs, hosts live events, and is the author of the best-selling memoir, A Happier Hour, and the long-awaited follow-up, Up All Day
Rebecca writes about love, life, and the strength and potential of the human spirit. Her work has been featured by The Telstra Business Awards, The Australian, Fast Company, Sydney Morning Herald, The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Better Homes & Gardens USA, SBS Food, Good Health Magazine, Marie Claire Australia, and Elle Quebec. Learn more at