People oftentimes associate holistic care practices like mindfulness, reiki, or hypnotherapy with concepts like “woo-woo,” alternative, out-of-left-field, fluffy or wishy-washy.

Such a negative connotation can stop people from getting the help that they need because of the fear of being judged for doing something less mainstream.

In this episode, my guest, Michelle Powell, and I unpack where this misguided label comes from and how we can start to change the conversation around a holistic approach to health, self care and wellness.


  • Michelle’s holistic work (03:24)
  • Holistic practices can be associated with a woo-woo label (04:02)
  • The label can lead to fear or judgement among practitioners or laypeople (06:16)
  • Alternative therapy is portrayed as using fluffy language (08:07)
  • People shy away because of the fear of judgement or negative connotations (09:29)
  • You need to start with the foundations (10:06)
  • A model of self care (13:34)
  • Overcome traumas from the bottom-up (14:15)
  • Ultimately you desire to be the best version of yourself (15:04)
  • You are human with needs and challenges in life (15:29)
  • Being fiercely independent may be a trauma response (17:52)
  • Touch is a powerful tool for healing (19:30)
  • There’s a fine line between being needy and being human (22:37)
  • When you allow someone to give, you both benefit from it (25:13)
  • It’s the simple things like human connections that we need in life (27:02)
  • You can go far with other people (28:37)
  • Holistic health care involves sound, practical tools (31:04)
  • Shared experiences and shared stories are powerful healing tools (33:14)
  • These tools are based on ancient practices (35:19)
  • Different types of therapies have their own places in healing (35:36)
  • A therapist who will not judge (36:07)
  • “Make time for your wellness, not your illness” (40:17)
  • “I”llness vs. “We”llness (41:55)

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
Polyvagal theory

‘”Michelle Powell – The Expert in Authentic Living. Taking you from your lowest to genuinely happy.”

Michelle is an internationally recognised Holistic Health Practitioner and the author of 3 times amazon best seller “The mastery of wellness”. Michelle specialises in using practical approaches and tangible tools to coach and support people through their challenges.’

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