Most of us have some trauma response happening in our life and aren’t even aware of it. 

Ask yourself this, when there is something you are fearful of, are you responding from an optimistic point of view or are you responding from fear? 

In this episode, we are again joined by Michelle Powell as we dive into trauma response and how it shows up in our lives. We are all hard-wired to survive and choose the path of least resistance. Everybody does it, but the question is, what are you going to do with that knowledge to change things? 

When people are stuck in trauma responses, they don’t get to live the life they truly want to have.


  • We are all products of our past (3:40)
  • Protecting ourselves from a perceived threat (4:30)
  • Learning to manage our brain and its response to trauma (7:00)
  • The path of least resistance (7:57)
  • Survival instinct (8:35)
  • Trusting others and yourself (18:40)
  • Distrust of self and other people (20:30)
  • Neuro plasticity (24:30)
  • Methods to rewire the brain (26:08)
  • The power of meditation (26:57)
  • Breath work (30:35)
  • Creating a life that gives you happiness and fulfilment (33:27)
  • Areas in our life where trauma responses can play out (39:08)
  • The power of trust (50:46)
  • Operating from trauma responses in relationships (51:30)
  • Vulnerability (52:50)
  • Authentic and vulnerable communication (57:15)



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Michelle Powell is an internationally recognised Holistic Health Practitioner who specialises in Trauma Recovery. 

She has been a wellness professional since 2003, and has trained the rich and famous on the exclusive Hamilton Island.  

Michelle is also the author of 3 times Amazon best seller “The Mastery of Wellness”. 

Michelle takes people from their lowest to being genuinely happy with a strong focus on the totality of wellness.