Nurses are the backbone of the health system, always there to care for a stranger as if they were one of their own. 

We are so used to helping other people that sometimes we forget to help ourselves. 

In this episode, we are joined by Beth Browning, a student in her final year of nursing school. Being the first student guesting on the show, Beth shares her perspectives around her self-care strategies as she starts her career. 

In Beth’s journey towards becoming a nurse, she also experienced being on the other side as the patient. At 19 years old, Beth suffered from a stroke. This experience was grounding for her as she was able to see things from a different perspective. 

Join us in this episode as Beth shares the lessons she learned from her experience and the key to self-care.


  • Beth’s health journey (5:01)
  • Beth’s life-changing event (10:03)
  • The key to self-care (11:35)
  • The importance of having good connections (13:25)
  • Having quality relationships (15:00)
  • Necessary pleasures (17:40)
  • Switching off from the busy mind (18:27)
  • Shifting the mindset to celebrating the small wins (25:00)
  • Why we ruminate on what’s lacking (27:30)
  • Importance of listening to your body and asking for help (31:11)
  • The power of mindfulness meditation (33:00)


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My name is Beth Browning and I am a 21 year old student registered nurse currently studying in my final year at Notre Dame University Fremantle. I have a particular interest in cardiology and neurology, and am aiming to start my first year out of university working in the paediatric field. I have always been passionate about caring for others and can’t wait to start nursing full time hopefully by the end of this year.