It’s no surprise that Nurses and healthcare Practitioners are battling burnout and mental health issues now more than ever. Burnout in itself is becoming a pandemic.

This episode’s guest is Kenny Gibson, National Head of Safeguarding at NHS England. Kenny shares how we as nurses and healthcare practitioners can overcome burnout in a time of exhaustion. He shares what it takes to become a positive disruptor in today’s disruptive world to ensure that Nurses and healthcare practitioners are doing everything they can to prevent burnout and mental health issues.

Life will continue to bring us rain and thunderstorms. Remember, it’s up to you to bring your own weather and create your own sunshine. 


  • Kenny’s career journey (3:06)
  • Negative impact of the Angel Hero Persona as nurses (10:00)
  • Co-dependence with our nurses (11:10)
  • Post-traumatic resilience-based supervision (15:18)
  • There are more things that connect us than disconnects us (24:40)
  • Bring your own weather and create your own sunshine (30:20)
  • Be a positive disruptor (32:25)
  • Burnout in a time where we are all exhausted (33:26)
  • Nurses’ compassion burnout and fatigue (37:15)
  • The importance of family (42:55)



Kenny Gibson is the National Head of Safeguarding at NHS England. He listens to and represents all clinicians & carers who resolutely and professionally deal with such matters as –  child protection; child abuse; child sexual exploitation; domestic violence & deaths; adult safeguarding; mental capacity; deprivation of liberties; and all other vulnerable people and groups in our communities. 

He is also the Head of Public Health Commissioning. His role is to think like a patient (improving quality & increasing access) and act like a taxpayer (finances and contracts). 

Additionally, his passion is to listen to and make connections to improve NHS services for all populations – whether they are registered with GP, live in London, educated in London or simply part of London.

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