We’ve all been deceived by the belief that success is about getting more.

As a result, we have developed an endless pursuit to have more and be more, only to find out that many of the things we chase don’t ring us happiness. In fact sometimes, the exact opposite. Unfortunately for many, it leads to being stuck on the BS hamster wheel.

In this episode, I’m joined by Mark Bramwell, the author of the book, That’s Bullshit: Stop drowning under stress-inducing advice and a relentless pursuit of more. In his book Mark breaks down what’s really important in life and how we can achieve personal satisfaction.

Do you want to free yourself from the hamster wheel and from the BS that’s happening around your work and life?

Join me in this episode as Mark shares valuable insights from his book, That’s Bullshit.


  • How That’s Bullshit started (8:00)
  • Find what works for you (11:20)
  • Identifying and removing bullshit (18:37)
  • Get a sense of your journey (26:15)
  • Focus on becoming the best version of yourself (28:04)
  • Create a goals board for giving (33:57) 
  • It’s about being present (39:08) 
  • Get balance (50:20) 



Bramwell’s experience spans the fields of organisation dynamics, employee engagement, leadership capability and interpersonal communications. As an executive coach, trainer and facilitator, Masters qualified in Organisational Psychology, Mark has spent the last 20 years working with a diverse range of organisations and individuals. 

Through his work he has observed the negative impact caused by a plethora of bullshit advice, bullshit leadership practices, and bullshit communication habits. He has witnessed the destructive toll on mental health and wellbeing from an ever louder message that presents success as being wholly measured by an endless pursuit of more – the growing expectation that success can only be had if we forever get more, have more and be more! 

In 2007, Mark created Bramwell Solutions. His aim was to break free of the corporate rat race and offer clients a genuine and authentic consulting approach – an approach free of smoke and mirrors, 

and free of slick sales pitches. To focus on offering advice and expertise that would assist organisations and their staff reach their full potential and achieve a rewarding balance between personal wellbeing, job satisfaction and life success. To tell clients what they needed to hear, not just what they wanted to hear.

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