Do you prioritize the important things in life, or do you just go with the flow? Many of us just take each day as it comes, and then find ourselves surprised as to where life has taken us or why we aren’t satisfied with our lives. 

Without clear priorities, it’s difficult to make progress toward your goals. Making the effort to know what the important things in your life are is essential so that you can align your daily practice to nurture these values. Once you know what’s important to you, it’s easier to make decisions every day.

The most important thing to come back to each day is your daily practice, which is your time to nurture the important things in life. By getting your priorities straight, understanding your values, and creating everyday practices that align with these values, you strengthen and grow these values and grow as a person as well.

Change your priorities to change your life.


  • Having a daily practice that keeps you on the right track (5:58)
  • Knowing the important thing and key areas in your life (8:40)
  • Finding your flow: Staying completely focused while enjoying what you’re doing (10:49)
  • Including little indulgences throughout the day (13:20)
  • Internal and external sources of motivation: (15:19)
  • Realizing how short life is (16:26)
  • Gratitude and acceptance as part of self-care (17:36)
  • Motivating tools (19:00)
  • The power of fear or regret as external motivators (20:09)
  • Using the momentum of wins to level up (21:15)
  • Learning from failure to maximize growth and happiness (21:39)
  • Developing skills needed to overcome challenges (24:13)
  • Active rest – doing things you love – to help fill up your cup (26:53)
  • Junk Food values (29:02)
  • Our values define what we practice every day (30:30)
  • The more we understand that value, (31:28)
  • Through practice, we can develop skills and habits to make us better (34:53)
  • The best way to serve others is by being the best versions of ourselves (35:53)
  • Changing limiting beliefs to un-limiting beliefs through practice (36:57)

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